Hjælp med at få Carman Moore med til premieren på Detective Haiku

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Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann @8029318038

medlem siden 2. oktober, 2021

Om projektet

We are seeking funds to bring Carman Moore to Copenhagen so he can attend the premiere of the web series Detective Haiku on November 4th at Husets Biograf, and work on different projects with his musical partner, Lotte Arnsbjerg.
Funds will go towards the cost of Carman Moore's travel and accommodation, and covering lost working time for Carman Moore during his stay in Denmark. The funds will not go to the making of Detective Haiku - it is a no-budget series.

DETECTIVE HAIKU is a web series created by Evi Arnsbjerg and Matthias Redekop. It is a 90's style/trash/crime series about a crime-fighting dog and his two partners who, under the leadership of the stern Captain Americaman, all work dedicatedly for the Danish Police Force to stop evil once and for all. The first episode of the show is already on YouTube, and the second episode will premiere at the cinema Husets Biograf. The first season will consist of four episodes.
Carman Moore, aka Captain Americaman, who plays a major role in the series, lives in New York. We're so proud to have a star capacity like Carman on board - he didn't even know what a great actor was hidden inside him, and we're pretty proud to be the ones who brought it to life..

This project and working with Carman has shown us that when you have a dream as a creative artist, you should follow it - even if there is no money. Because it is the art and the experience that counts.
The show was primarily shot on smartphones, with the exception of a few drone shots kindly provided by Daniel London Charles and Oliver Förstner. Danish actor Søren Hauch-Fausbøll has also become an important part of the project, which we're also very proud of. Søren plays an important role in episode II, III and IV.

If you don't want to sign up for Boomerang you can still support Carman! You can either do it on the app Mobilepay (26396303) or Paypal (eviarnsbjerg@gmail.com) 
We will then transfer your amount into Carman's crowdfunding. 

Translation of the rewards:

Detective Haiku Poster 
For donations between 27 - 67 €
A cool colourful poster in a nice print. Designed by Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann

Detective Haiku Bag
For donations between 40 - 95 €
A great bag for when you go shopping, meet up with friends or just want to take a stroll in town to show it off.

Detective Haiku's best friend
For donations between 135 - 269€
If you want to be Haiku's very best friend, you'll support the maximum and get a poster, bag, cinema ticket, a special Detective Haiku surprise sent by post and eternal friendship.