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Morten Hjort @mortenhjort

medlem siden 23. marts, 2017

Om projektet

My Dream

My biggest dream since childhood, was always to become an actor. Not because I wanted to be on the big screen or on the stage, but because that I loved to play characters, I loved the challenge it gave every time I had to play a new person. Later on this dream has now become true. because in October 2016 I was contacted by Vancouver Film School, where they told me that they would like me to enter their acting programs. Vancouver Film School or VFS as it is called, is known the world around for not only educating actors, but everything you can think about when you are talking about Film and Television. So being accepted there is a big thing, and going to study there for 1 year and 4 months, well that is something I would never have belived if I told my self that 5 years ago.


Who am I

Well Im a young freelance actor at the age of 22, but are going to celebarte my 23rd birthday while performing a musical in Horsens. These last few years I have put all my time into becomming an actor, but doing it here in Denmark is hard, and having a chance to get a paid job afterwards is even more defficult then just getting a education. Which means that all of my acting skills is something I have learned by my self the hard way. By going from being a freelance actor which I am now here in Denmark, to becomming a professionel actor at a international level around the globe, Im gonna show the world, that you can become what you want by working hard on your biggest dreams.


Why do I need your help?

Well studying abroad is something I have alwasy dreamed about, but even though Im working hard to get the money it for the school, I cant do it alone. All in all studying at VFS is gonna cost about 200.000 danish crowns plus living expenses. I have saved a bit up, but my economical situation cant handle it, so I need your help!


What do you get?

By supporting me you will get your name listed at my webpage, or if you are really awesome person a personal thank you video at a realy cool and special place.


So I would really apreciate your help, even if its just a penny or two. I have a webpage/blog where you are more then welcome to follow me and my way to become a professionel actor.

Thank you so much for your time, and catch you on the flip side :)