Bicycle-Thru Cafe Serving Organic Culinary Coffee, Delicious Homemade Protein Smoothies and Green Juices On The Go

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Hamed Bakhshandehyar @hamedtanya

medlem siden 2. november, 2016

Om projektet

Our love for great culinary coffee, an active & healthy lifestyle and bicycles are key reasons why we dreamed up Bicycle-Thru Organic Café. We want to offer patrons quick access to incredible organic, homemade foods and beverages. Help us make it possible...
On Average, 9 out of 10 people in Denmark own bicycles. In Odense (where we are located), bicycles constitutes around 24% of all traffic where cyclists have access to over 500km of bicycle lanes. Cycling is not just a means of transport around here, it is a lifestyle.
Living in Odense, we couldn't find anywhere to grab a really good cup of coffee or a fresh post-workout protein smoothie. Culinary coffee has lagged behind in Odense while available protein drinks are prepackaged, expensive, non-organic, bland and full of preservatives for a longer shelf life.
Our Goalꓽ to introduce a coffee and protein smoothie renaissance in Odense using organic and fresh ingredients. We want to create a place which incorporates the booming fitness culture, healthy diet trends and organic produce in a convenient way for the local consumer by educating and offering unique flavor profiles to coffee and health conscious patrons.

After a lot of tasting, market research and brewing we decided to open our own little shop which serves perfected culinary coffee sourced from single origin farms in Africa and Latin America, irresistible homemade organic protein smoothies using yogurts, nuts and fresh fruit, homemade Gelato in the summer time and other delicious and natural products.

Our goal is to provide the Odense community and visiting tourists with extraordinary beverages to enjoy either inside of our cozy vintage themed cafe eor alternatively through our unique bicycle-thru window for those on the go.
By Pledging today you will help us to make Odense a pioneer destination for culinary organic beverages catering to the wonderful and health-conscious local consumer and tourist. The deposit and renovation costs are two major bumps in the road for our vision. We scraped together what we could but we need YOUR help!