Bike and Bake

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Michele Lucarelli @michelelucarelli

medlem siden 6. december, 2015

Om projektet

Gourmet Street Pizza for Copenhagen... Help us to make it possible!

What makes PIZZA one of the most popular dishes around the World?
Ingredients? Taste? Art and Skills from the Chef? A long History and Tradition? Simplicity? Innovation? Cost? The crisp?

Probably all of those reasons plus many more... I believe that Pizza is worldwide famous because it brings Joy and Happiness. Pizza is great with Friends, Family or when you are alone and need a good bite to enjoy the day.

With the BikeandBake project I want to bring Pizzas to everyone in Copenhagen. I would love to feed good friends, lovely couples, curious turists, smiling children, men and women from every age and with different views about the World.

I want to drive the BikeandBake bicycle around the Parks, Monuments and beautiful Buildings that make Copenhagen a unique City. Let's enjoy, relax and be happy for a moment eating a slice of pizza with the people we will meet on the way.

I will need 20.000 kr to start up this business and cover the initial expenses at the beginning of March. The bike is already on its way to be constructed from XYZ Cargo ( by the end of March but, on the top of the cost of the bike, I will need some money to get ready and buy all the tools I need such as a laser thermomete, pizza peel, brush, scraper for pizza, food containers, firewood holder, termobox, knifes, etc...

So here I begin!!! With Love in my Heart and Wishes to meet the people who will support me in this mission starting from April 2016 :)