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Andreas Thorsted @andthor

medlem siden 11. oktober, 2015

Om projektet

Welcome to NordKøst!

Help us create oils, jam and schnapps from local and international products!

We are three Danes who discovered the lack of great food that combines the natural ingredients found in our hometown, with the vast and extraordinary specialties from outside our small country.

By collecting branches, leaves, berries and salt from the beach and forest that surrounds our beautiful hometown, we discovered a world of great tastes and combinations that could be explored if we combined these findings with other great products from outside Denmark. For example a great rapeseed oil from Spain can suddenly get a Nordic twist if you add local rosehip plucked directly from the beachside of Denmark. If you combine a great Russian vodka with locally found spruce from pinewoods in our forests, you suddenly create a uniquely tasting liquor.

Our plan:

  • Collect local ingredients from the forrest and beachside: Herbs, seaweed, branches and berries.

  • Mix them through different processes with oils, liquors and jam (from strawberry and rasperry)

  • Filter them, bottle them and sell them in local stores and on our webpage (work in progress)

What we need from you: Financial help to help us get started on buying the bottles, oils and liquors.

Why our idea is valid and secure: We are currently established in our own kitchen. We are licensed in handling food, and we have years of restaurant experience between us (including an educated chef) + educations in marketing. In total, the proces of starting up our own business is almost complete - we only need the the final push to get things going :)

We hope you will support us!

Sincerely, The Great Danes: Andreas, Catharina and Jess :)