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steinhilber @steinhilber

medlem siden 6. november, 2013

Om projektet

Welcome to our crowd-funding page to promote and raise money for our awesome “frat-tank”! Our goal was to design a “shirt” that every student male or female would be interested in wearing that expressed how much we all love Copenhagen. We did this by choosing a simple design and using the tag line, “Copetoptia.” The font of the shirt has a pocket with the DIS logo and the back is an outline of Copenhagen This is how it works! You can pre-order a shirt by donating 100dkk to the fund. Or, if you just want to help our cause you can donate any amount of money you feel comfortable with. Please help us meet our goal and you could be wearing one of these awesome tanks! If we do not win you will get your money back! Our goal is 200 dollars or 1,104dkk. We are in competition with class so please help us win! We tried to design a “shirt” that was unique from the other teams with the concept of a “frat-tank.” We hope you like the design and would be proud to wear this shirt back home! Thanks!