Xterra Worldchampionship 2018

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Mathieu Feder Schwaner @8825060109

medlem siden 26. juli, 2018

Om projektet

Help  me realize my dream ,  taking and take part to Xterra World championships in October  2018.

People who know me also know that I am a passionate athlete driven by the combination between  my sport goals  and the involvement of my little family into this active lifestyle!

2/3 of my training  is together with my kids Philip and Louie. I started to run  with them for 2 years ago  and since then we spend many hours together.  My motivation is always steady when I have them  by my side and I enjoy  seeing them  looking around the nature, having fun together or just getting some rest.

The kids and Helle are also following me on the races most of the time, and it gives me wings when I pass a place where they are standing and cheering at me. It is also the occasion to spend some exiting week end together and experience new places for our family .

This lifestyle and this magical  combination  between  my family life and our passion for being active made me at 37  years old in what might be the best shape of my life.  Yes this is possible with two kids of 1 and 2 Years old and a a full time (great) job !

In front of my beloved family and friends, I won Xterra  (in my category) last July and obtained a direct qualification for the world finals in Maui. I am very proud to make it so far and I am looking forward to a battle for athletes from all over the world.

But what I am most proud of , is to reach this result without  doing any concessions on my family life and the time spent and the energy given for my beautiful boys Philip and Louie and theirs mother.

This is also the reason why, I am looking for help  to accomplish this experience . The cost related to the event are consequent  and I would rather keep  our private economy to my little family.  I will take part because I have been working hard to get there and I deserve to be a part of this final fight, so I can tell my sons "I did it " with your help" when they grow older.

I have to motos " If it was easy every body would do it"  and  "family first"  and these have helped me train hard and race even harder !

Support me and let me show the world that everything is possible also with 2 small  babies ;-)